Top 10 Berlin clubs for summer

Arena Berlin summer club to 10

Arena, Berlin-Kreuzberg / © visitBerlin, Foto: Philip Kosche

Club  der Visone Berlin top 10 clubs

Club der Visionäre, Berlin-Kreuzberg / © visitBerlin, Foto: Philip Koschel

Berlin is known as one of the best cities in the world to party. Fact! Especially in the summer it is a wonderland. In celebration to the 10th anniversary of Amstel House, to the arrival of summer and to the fact that here is a great place to celebrate, we made a list of the Top 10 Berlin clubs for summer. Continue reading

New Year’s Eve in Berlin

The year is about to turn. For the ones welcoming 2015 in Berlin the Amstel House prepared a list of Berlin / German New Year’s traditions for the night.

Brandenburg Gate

New year's eve in berlin Brandenburg tor

© visitBerlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien

Every year, between the Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column in Tiergarten (really close to us) Germany throws one of the biggest parties in whole Europe with about one million visitors. Bands, DJs, fireworks and light shows are the great attraction of the night. Continue reading

25 years of the Wall Fall

reichtag with the illuminated balloon installation25 years ago the Berlin Wall Fall market the end of the cold war. The images in Brandenburger Gate were spread in the front page of newspaper all around the globe. It was the end of a chapter in the worlds and specially in Berlin’s history.

celebration of the berlin wall falöl 25 years with the balloon installationTo mark the date a symbolic and poetic celebration was set. Through 12 kilometers of the former borders in the city center thousands of helium-filed illuminated balloons were installed. Yesterday night at 19h amid a massive crowd one by one the balloons were released into to air as a “symbol of hope for a world without borders”.

5 years of the Berlin wall fall

BerMuDa – A Week with Fine Electronic Music in Berlin’s Best Clubs

BerMuDa_WebFlyer_800Starts tomorrow the Berlin Music Days, BerMuDa, one of the main events of the renowned Berliner electronic music industry and the largest city’s “music trade fair” for clubbers, ravers, musicians, labels and music biz pros from around the world. With the purpose of taking the electronic music business back to the dance floor, the event brings together approximately 40 clubs and venues, as well as professionals from the world of art, fashion and industry related to the universe of the beloved musical style.

With a broader programming in its fifth edition the festival will feature between the 6th and 11th of November (Wednesday to Sunday) club nights as well as various events throughout the day, such as exhibitions, labs  and conferences in search of a comprehensive dialogue on all facets of the increasingly wanted electronic music.

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Berghain – The Best Club in the World!

The greatest legend of the current Berliner night, Berghain is considered by many – experts on the subject – the best club in the world and the temple of techno. Named after its location – between Krezberg and Friedrichshain - and housed in a former power plant, it has a fascinating industrial atmosphere with a huge 18 meter high main dancing floor and a smaller upstairs space called Panorama Bar.

Berghain is a descendant of Ostgut, a nocturnal myth born from a men-only-fetish-night called “Snax”. Open to all genders it turned into the nest of the techno-subculture in Berlin. In 2003 Ostgut was closed down to give space to the ugly O2 Arena. A year later Berhghain was born. Much of the spirit of the first house remains. There are several dark rooms and “Snax” still happens once a year. The famous and selective door control is also a way to keep the standards of the house and make sure that the people getting in match with the environment. Pictures are also strictly forbidden. With one of the greatest sound systems and the best DJs in the world, Berghain held long events that less sometimes more than a day. A place for those into real party!