25 easy backpacker recipes and a brand new kitchen

25 hostel recipes

So we emptied the Amstel House idea box this winter and saw ‘hostel kitchen’ on the top of the list. Having travelled the world ourselves we know how nice it is to have a hostel kitchen. It’s a great place to meet fellow travellers. Preparing and sharing tasteful meals together, borrowing each other’s ingredients and recipes. It creates a bond… We decided to put our magic kitchen building wands to use and build you a nifty kitchen. It caters to all your needs and is free to use for all our hostel guests.

Easy backpacker recipes
O and if you think you’re rubbish in the kitchen, we have another surprise. We are going to spoil you with yummy easy backpacker recipes that you can cook up while traveling. Easy to make, cheap and using just a few ingredients. We will post 25 easy backpacker recipes in total starting today. So start making new friends already to share your tasteful dishes (and grocery costs..) with!

Street Food Party of Berlin

bite ClubBerlin is known for its street food culture, a scene that is now getting greater and more creative. This year the city gained an amazing event that is just an example of it: the Bite Club. The latest issue of Street Food Market in Berlin, it takes place two times a month on the shoreline of the river Spree as space to enjoy treat foods from local traders and partake of some Friday night drinks. With the participation of many of the best of Berlin’s trucks, there are food mar­kets and drinks of the extraordin­ary kind: Italian sand­wiches, Mex­ican Tacos, Ger­man Käsespätzle, Japan­ese Bur­gers and whatever else your dream of. In addition there are three fully-stocked bars, a wine bar and a pop-up Pampero rum bar, all that with a magnificent view of the Spree and a stage with DJs and live music. Next dates this Friday the 13th and in two weeks on the 27th.Bite Club

Bite Club

Bite Club