New Year’s Eve in Berlin

The year is about to turn. For the ones welcoming 2015 in Berlin the Amstel House prepared a list of Berlin / German New Year’s traditions for the night.

Brandenburg Gate

New year's eve in berlin Brandenburg tor

© visitBerlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien

Every year, between the Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column in Tiergarten (really close to us) Germany throws one of the biggest parties in whole Europe with about one million visitors. Bands, DJs, fireworks and light shows are the great attraction of the night. Continue reading

Best Tattoo Parlour in Berlin

best berlin tattoo parlour Are you coming to Berlin and want to eternalise the memory by getting a tattoo? The city is known for very talented artists, great skin illustrators and some times also good prices. In order to guide you to find the right place for this permanent body mark, we asked for the help of our Danish receptionist Ben, who is himself training to become a professional tattoo artist. Here the best Berlin tattoo parlours according to our specialist: Continue reading

Amstel House Postcards

The Amstel House Postcards are ready and they look great.

The photos were taken by our colleague and photographer Martin Heiden, who chose five berliners scenarios to illustrate them: the memorial “Kiss” at the Berlin Wall; “The Faces” at the East-Side-Gallery, the Boden Museum with the TV tower as background, the view from the Oberbaumbrücke over the river Spree and the Beer supply of Bar in our neighborhood Moabit.

Besides de the Postcards (1€) e also offer stamps and post service =)

Postcard spree Berlin the kiss east side gallery berlin postcard east side gallery postcard berlin beer post card tv tower berlin

Best places to eat in Berlin

Best Places to eat in Berlin

Gossip has it that the best 4 things in life are to eat and travel. What about the other 2? Well, to eat and travel. We could not agree more with it, specially our receptionist Ariane, to whom eating is a reason to live. She drops appoints and compromises if a good plate of food is at stake. And, of course, she is a great cook. Nobody better than her to give us some tips on restaurants and gastro hotspots in Berlin. Dear travelers, with you the suggestions of our food expert Ariane: Continue reading

Bye Summer!

team meeting, hostel. berlin, end of summer

The Amstel House Team Meeting at our neighbor the old Moabit Market

We had this week our semester team meeting @amstelhouse to celebrate the amazing past summer season and to talk about the winter time now coming.

The last three months were very special for us. We had a great summer, breaking records and bringing up new actions. Our big House was almost constantly full of all kinds of nice guests. For all of you that have joined this time with us thank you! You are the soul of our hostel and the ones who make it alive. Continue reading

Amstel House at Kulturfestival Wedding & Moabit

photo exhibition, hostel, berlinFollowing the desire to immerse into the local cultural scene, the Amstel House had this weekend its first participation in the extensive and colorful Kulturfestival Moabit & Wedding 2014. The programming of more than 250 free events in 100 different locations ends today with the great satisfactions of its big successes. Continue reading

Art @mstel!!!

Since last year the Amstel House has been enjoying hosting some art exhibition.

art, berlin, hostel, street art, exhibition

From Moablick Photo Exhibition by Keren Chernizon – Amstel House June 2013

The first was in June 2014 during our building’s 100 years celebration, when we presented the work of five photographers portraying in their own view our unique neighbourhood Moabit.

exhibition, street art, hostel, berlin

Sweet Rev3nge exhibition in May 2014 at the Amstel House. Photo: Martin Heiden / Artist photographed: Julez Lefherz

The second happened last May as part of the biggest art festival in the area Ortstermin, in which we had the pleasure to exhibit the interaction of four artists in our so called Sweet Rev3nge. nid-ich_bin-festival-2014_0 We are happy to announce we are just heading to the third event, coming up in September as part of the Kultur Festival Moabit Wedding. More details coming soon in our blog. Do not miss it!!!

Hey, good looking. What you got cooking

2013 Amstel Küche (12)“How’s about cooking something up with me? /  Hey, sweet baby / don’t you think maybe / we could find us / a brand new recipe?” Rocked by Ray Charles the Amstel House Hostel Berlin has the pleasure to present its newest baby: a brand new super modern kitchen!!!  Fully equipped with two complete sets it is a mouth-watering space.2013 Amstel Küche

Not only practical but also really charming, even those who don’t cook will feel like trying. Now our guests can enjoy two stoves, two sinks, microwave, refrigerator, toaster and all kitchenware needed to make a great banquet! We are expecting you for dinner. And please, don’t forget to make yourself at home.


photoIt is quite a history. So we thought we would invite you for a little trip down the memory lane and let you check-in into Amstel some hundred years ago.

A city’s historical monument, constructed in 1913 to host young single men, the building became an important part of the growing Moabit neighborhood. Its original name was Haus Wichern, due the theologian and missionary Johann Hinrich Wichern, famous for his social commitment and work. The official opening, however, happened one year later in honor to the 25th anniversary of William II’s reign. The commemorative plate can still be seen in our backyard.


Designed by architect Otto Kohtz and coordinated by Emil Schütze, the project was considered really modern for its time. The benefits of light against the then common illnesses had just been discovered. Therefore the large windows of the lobby, which allow a wide input of light. Under the roof, at the last of five floors, there were baths, showers, a swimming pool and a roof garden, all quite unusual in the beginning of the last century.


The most impressive, however, was the facade, which remains exactly the same until the present days.  Made by sculptor Georges Morin in Art Nouveau style, it recalls the Lüftlmalerei, an upper-Bavaria art form of mural paintings. The figures of the first floor represent the typical crafts of the Schlafgänger, a characteristic group of local workers of Bavaria that during the time of industrialization would pay a small fee to rent a bed for a few hours.

4537_82706184795_7711453_n Hundred years have passed and although the history had completely changed the symbols in our bright yellow unique façade do not let us forget the origins. Since 2005 as Amstel House Hostel, backpackers and families from all around the world are daily hosted here for an affordable price. We particularly consider a luck having such a special building as our house and a great privilege to be able to offer such thing to our guests. We wish you a historical experience from the moment you wake up until you go back to bed.

To learn more on the history of the entire Moabit neighborhood and taste all its flavors, make sure to mark the 15the June 2013 in your travel itinerary!