Berlin! Elected the Best Europe Young City!

Arena, Berlin-Kreuzberg © visitBerlin | Koschel

Arena, Berlin-Kreuzberg © visitBerlin | Koschel

This week the YouthfulCities – a global initiative to rank the world’s top cities from a youth perspective – elected Berlin the best Young city in Europe. The project has involved over 1500 youth participants from around the world, collecting data on 80 indicators, grouped into 16 categories such as Civic participation, Diversity, Transportation, Food and nightlife, Public space, sport and gaming. Toronto was elected ‘Youthful City of the Year’ and edged Berlin to take the top spot, with New York City in third place.
Cities such as Istanbul, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Buenos Aires, Lagos, London and Sao Paulo are some of the top 25 youth favourite cities.

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